Alcohol Delivery Merseyside

Responsible Drinking


When ordering booze from the Alcohol Delivery Merseyside late night service, always put your health and well-being first. Excessive alcohol consumption doesn't just give you a hangover the morning after the night before, it also has a negative impact on your health.

Facts About Alcohol Drinking

It's often difficult to find out how many units are in each different type of alcoholic drink, which makes keeping track of how many units you consume a hard task. To help with this problem, you can use this Alcohol Unit Calculator to find out approximately how many units of alcohol are in different alcoholic drinks and the total number of units you've drank. Use the alcohol calculator to discover if you're exceeding your recommended daily allowance of alcohol.

Alcohol Unit Calculator step-by-step guide:

•Pick the type of alcoholic beverage you want to add
•Use the drop-down menu to choose the size of drink
•Drag the slider to select the number of drinks you drank
•Use the drop-down menu to choose the strength of the drink, a percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV)
•If you're not sure of the ABV – just keep the default ABV rather than not counting the drink(s) at all
•The units calculator at the bottom will show the total number of units in the drinks you selected

Find out more about how many units of alcohol are in your drinks and the recommended daily alcohol allowance at the Alcohol Units information section on the NHS website. Everything you need to know about alcohol units can be found there.

For the facts about alcohol, visit Drink Aware where you will find information, advice and support for alcohol related matters. There's also a wealth of information on the NHS Drinking & Alcohol website. If you think you, or someone you know, may have a problem with binge drinking or alcohol dependency, help is available through the above websites.